Sunday, December 21, 2008


Good afternoon! This is just the beginning.... Today we start with just the two of us. Nicole and I. I am curious to see how this will evolve and grow. When we look back on this first post I sure hope that we will grin and remember the events leading up to this first post. Here on a provate blog we can share our thoughts, dreams, PICTURES, and anything else. Where will this first post evolve to? Only God knows the direction. But here is to watching for guidance for above.


And as part of this first post I want to include this wonderful letter from Nicole.
I think it echoes the thoughts we have both had about what we experienced on our trip together.
Dear Friends,

I am safely home and feeling very grateful to have you so near on my journey. I can’t wait to personally share with each one of you the miracles our Provider did on this trip. As I reflect on my journey, I understand why He tugged at my heart so tightly to make this trip . I am thankful that I had the opportunity to be by baby's side and to experience the realities of his situation and condition. The caretakers and the orphanage director care very much for the children and do the best they can to provide for them.

I'd like to thank you all who kept us close in your thoughts during our journey and those of you who donated suitcases, gifts for the caretakers and money to purchase formula, food, medicine, supplies for the little ones. I know that HE is pleased with your heart and generosity. Thank you for helping me provide food for the winter for many of them. My heart is constantly with our son and I’m on my knees often interceding for our baby and all the other ones. This institution life is not a way for anyone to live in, let alone for infants. It pains me to have my baby live any more days in that baby house. We are waiting with great anticipation for His miracles and His perfect timing for our baby and the other babies to be released to their loving families. Please continue to intercede for us and the other adoptive parents who are in the same situation. They have become such a great source of support and comfort for us. Each of their hearts break for their babies and we all long for them to come home in the very near future.

As for the other older orphans I met in the other 2 orphanages, their faces are always before me. My heart tugs so deeply for them. They are depraved of physical contact and they hunger for love and affection. Many of them suffer from illnesses that can easily be treated in the states. But there, they are doomed for a life of institution. One thing I am sure that God is leading me to advocate for them. Pray that I am faithful to start ministries designed to help them increase their life quality, restore their self-dignity and even find a way for them to get adopted into loving families. I would have despaired long ago if my faith wasn’t rooted in our heavenly father. My hope is in HIM. HE gives me the strength to endure what is before me and I continue to seek his guidance for our next steps one day at a time. As you can imagine, my heart is full of mixed emotions. There isn’t a moment that our thoughts aren’t with our baby. This holiday season seems awfully empty without our bundle of joy.

With Love,

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