Friday, December 26, 2008

In The Beginning

In the Beginning of our journey there was Aaden and Shelby. On two different coasts of the United States at about the same time, two families started the process of adopting two children. Two children unknown to those two families were already selected by God to be our kids. Shelby and Aaden. The journey to those children had to be discovered by their families. The path while rocky at times has led to more then just finding our children. The path has led two families from two different coasts to be united in the journey.

When I started planning a trip to visit Shelby on her birthday I really had no clue that the trip would end up being one of those life changing events. My original plan? A birthday party and time spent with a little girl who will eventually be called my daughter. A few weeks prior to my trip, while visiting John Wright's acts of kindness blog, I made the swift decision that I would send money to a family in Orlofka who needed a guard dog. That whole story can be read here.
The result a BIG MEAN DOG came to live with a family in Orlofka.

So plans were made for flights and hotels, dogs were bought. All was on schedule. Then I received an email from someone just out of the blue. " I will be in Bishkek about the same time as you maybe we can share some of our visits and translater/driver costs."

Boy we did not ever anticipate that email turning out to be the beginning of a great trip did we. I want to thank Kerri for forwarding my email information to Nicole, or we would never have had the opportunity to meet.

But we did meet; That first email evolved into yes we will be there on overlapping days, and yes we would love to share costs, and hey would it be ok to stay at the same place so our driver does not have to travel out of his way to get to us? One week later plans were rearranged and I had a reservation at the Guesthouse in the small room upstairs for half the cost of anyplace else I would have stayed. But still no idea of what was waiting for us ahead.

Just days before Nicole was scheduled to leave for Bishkek I received email from John Wright asking if I would be interested in meeting the family of the BIG MEAN DOG. I was ecstatic. I sprinted up the stairs to tell Brian, my fiance, the news. Of course I accepted the invitation and asked if I could extend the invitation to Nicole as we would be spending time together in Bishkek. We were both invited!!! I was so excited that I was going to experience a traditional Kyrgyz meal, BeshBarmak with a family in a traditional Kyrgyz house. What a great experience to pass on to Shelby and Aaden. Still we had no idea what else this was going to include.

Well Nicole left for Bishkek and I followed her a few days later. We met at 6 am on December 3rd (Bishkek time)........

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  1. I love the video of Shelby. She is absolutely beautiful and what a big smile! You are so blessed. What great things God has done for you and her- to bring you both together. Praise Christ!