Monday, January 26, 2009

East meets West in the Heartland

Since it has been two weeks since I posted, and I wanted to get that last post finished first before moving on to present news...... Nicole and I have finalized our plans for this coming weekend. Nicole will be traveling by plane and I by car.. (oh please let this winter storm that is expected be cleared up before Thursday) to OHIO. We have had this in the planning stages since before Christmas, but just this past two weeks (and hotels in the last 24 hours) finalized plans. We are so excited about this trip.... As we will be meeting with John Wright and his family and Jayne and David Schooler. So guess what?? That means awesome new posts, pictures, and stories to tell...

The following is the invitation from Act of Kindness Blog site.......
David and Jayne Schooler, LAMb International and Possibilities International invite you to
Highlighting the Orphan Care Ministries in Central Asia
Friday, January 30 – 7 P.M.
Crossroads Community Church
3500 Madison Rd.
Cincinnati, Ohio
Saturday, January 31 – 7 P.M.
Living Hope Community Church
1150 West Spring Valley Pike
Centerville, Ohio
HOPE – that is all orphan children living in Central Asia have. HOPE that tomorrow will be a better day. HOPE that just their basic needs will be met. HOPE that someone, somewhere will hear their cry and respond.We invite you to join us as we share that cry of the orphan and how you can partner in hope. You can make a difference. You can touch a generation to change generations.LAMb International and Possibilities International are partnering together to meet the needs of children in orphanages and difficult family situations…needs like…· Nutritional care· Basic medical care, eye glasses, dental care, physical therapy· Clothing and shoes· Tutoring and other educational assistance
You will see pictures and hear stories that will not only touch your heart, but change you.
For more information, contact David or Jayne Schooler at 513-228-2303 or
WHO YOU WILL MEET:Lynn and Ruby Johnston – Founders of LAMb International (Saturday only)John, Julie, Emma and Bekah Wright. John is the Director of the Sponsorship program for Possibilities International.David and Jayne Schooler, LAMb missionaries to KyrgyzstanWHO WE ARE:LAMb International, the sending mission organization for the Schoolers is committed to helping children, families and adults grow and develop into healthy individuals, spiritually, physically, socially and mentally. LAMb’s defining Scripture: Ephesians 4:12,... “for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…”· Possibilities International, the sending organization for the Wright family is a Canadian based charitable organization that presently works in Canada, Central Asia, Guatemala and the Philippines. They desire to care for the hopeless, helpless and hurting children and elderly, and passionately connect North Americans to this cause! PI seeks out those who live on the edges of their society, bringing them hope, joy, laughter, love and a future!
What about the needs of people beyond orphans?There are thousands of families and senior citizens living in extreme poverty in this area of the world. LAMb and Possibilities International are reaching out to families, senior citizens, people in homes for invalid men and women to help with basic needs.You will hear how you can partner in hope for them as well.

Almost Two Weeks...

Yikes.. It has been almost two weeks since I posted here. That is not to say there has been no news or that I have forgotten to post "The Rest of The Story" Nicole has been extremely busy on the west coast meeting with people and making plans.....

On the east coast well... Not much new here. We did however finally invite some readers! Yeah!!!! People to share our story with and to follow along as WE see where this journey will lead us. But WE don't want to be just a WE of two... We hope that WE will bloom and grow to benefit so many more people then a WE of two could ever imagine!! So to everyone who has just joined WELCOME... And know that you are now part of WE!!!!

Before I write any more posts though I feel like I need to finish the story of OUR trip in Bishkek. I still find it amazing looking back that this trip became OUR trip and how that just was made to happen. Nicole and I never planned anything, all our plans were made for us and we just followed the lead. Never could we have imagined not only a trip to see our kids, but the beginning of an awesome friendship, and a renewed faith. Nicole and I shared some wonderful times in our week together. The time with our kids was just a small portion of that time. Yes that is what we were brought to Bishkek for, but what we left with is so much larger.

Shared thoughts, reflections, and prayers were a very special part of our time in Bishkek. Some moments were silent, some filled with tears, holding hands around a meal prepared by people we had never met before, or just a hug or a bottle of orange pop. But each and every different experience filled us with awe of the power that led us to this place. MAking us realize that in this life there are "no coincidences" there are no "accidents" everything happens for a reason. And to this extent even the timing of our adoption processes (however awful the wait may seem now) is happening for a reason......

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A long awaited story

This Post pretty much tells it all. Nicole and I spent a few days together just oohing and ahhing over our kids. We love them immensely and miss them greatly I might add. But we know we will be led back to Bishkek sometime soon. During lunch one day I told Nicole my story of why we would be meeting with Sergey and Anya to have dinner with Aygola, her children, Acel, Talant and their children, and Sergey and Anya. Nicole shared with me that she had run out of time prior to her departure, but had wanted to email or call John before she left for Bishkek and she could not believe that we were invited to spend a day with people who are part of John's work. So on December 5th after a few emails and phone calls we were met by Sergey and Anya and we went off to spend our afternoon that had and still has our heads spinning with the forces at work here in Bishkek and the circumstances that have brought us all together. This is our photo journey. I hope to be able to add more of Nicole's video footage in later posts. So without further ado, two strangers from two different coasts of America have now joined together in what we hope will not only be a friendship but something that will be able to bring resources to many people of Kyrgyzstan. This is our story.........

Friday, January 9, 2009

Addicted to giving !

I am so thrilled to be invited to join Ann and Nicole as a contributor to this blog... I would like to introduce myself to those who do not know me... My name is John Wright, my family and I have been active in Central Asia for several years now, working with those that are on the fringe of society...I am the director of sponsorships for Possibilities International... a humanitarian aid organization ... At PI we have a little different twist on things... We are not missionaries ... we are philanthropists.... I am a Christian and as such I hang very close to James 1:27 that says that pure religion that is pleasing to God is to visit the orphans and the widows in their distress... I believe that... and I allow that scripture to govern my motives and my actions, there is never room for argument.. For the most part that is the extent of any preaching that you will ever hear from me....however you will not be able to follow along on one of our trips without feeling the presence of God in what we do. You see our primary objective is to take everything we get and give it away..... In North America there is a common misconception that you have to be rich to be a Philanthropist... the fact is that compared to the vast majority of the world...WE ARE LOADED.... It is this radical thought that has lead to the creation of the "iam1ru" A sight that is dedicated to make it possible for everyone from the four year old boy with a lemonade stand to the widow on a small pension... to experience what it is like to impact someones life so dramatically that they will never be the same again..... Once you have had a taste and see that it is good, you too will be standing up and proclaiming weR2ru..?

Our first

Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Trippin" in the B B House

Seven months ago I could not find Kyrgyzstan on a map. I did not know how to spell Kyrgyzstan without looking it up. I had no clue what the capitol was or any cities or towns that surrounded it, much less its history or any of the culture of its people. In seven months I can say I have learned many many things about this small country. (well I can spell it now without looking it up at least)

The first week of December started an incredible journey. A trip that started out as a birthday trip to see my daughter to be has sparked much more then I could ever have imagined. From the moment Nicole and I met ( 6am Bishkek time on December 3rd) There was just an unspoken bond. We had sent a few emails back and forth, but had never spoken or seen each other. Pretty cool how things work out.

The first story on this trip that I have to write about is all about the Butterflies! Sometime after I first met Shelby a friend of mine gave me a beautiful dress, purple, covered with butterflies. My mom then crocheted a sweater to cover the dress and used pink butterflies as buttons. This dress will be the dress Shelby leaves the orphanage in. But the butterflies did not stop there.... I bought a butterfly pendant, made butterfly thank you cards after Shelby's baby shower... And then after 6 months I was reunited with my daughter to be...... And what is the first thing I notice? A butterfly on her hat. What are the odds?? I relate the story to Nicole who has captured that moment on video.... And we both are "trippin" We carried "trippin over through our whole time we were in Kyrgyzstan. This has come to mean something HUGE for Nicole and I. Things we still are trying to figure out and things we know we just have to do. I am most certain you will all see this Butterfly creep up in the future as we take our experiences and expand them to hopefully great heights.

Shelby was quite excited to see us and very talkative...