Saturday, January 3, 2009

"Trippin" in the B B House

Seven months ago I could not find Kyrgyzstan on a map. I did not know how to spell Kyrgyzstan without looking it up. I had no clue what the capitol was or any cities or towns that surrounded it, much less its history or any of the culture of its people. In seven months I can say I have learned many many things about this small country. (well I can spell it now without looking it up at least)

The first week of December started an incredible journey. A trip that started out as a birthday trip to see my daughter to be has sparked much more then I could ever have imagined. From the moment Nicole and I met ( 6am Bishkek time on December 3rd) There was just an unspoken bond. We had sent a few emails back and forth, but had never spoken or seen each other. Pretty cool how things work out.

The first story on this trip that I have to write about is all about the Butterflies! Sometime after I first met Shelby a friend of mine gave me a beautiful dress, purple, covered with butterflies. My mom then crocheted a sweater to cover the dress and used pink butterflies as buttons. This dress will be the dress Shelby leaves the orphanage in. But the butterflies did not stop there.... I bought a butterfly pendant, made butterfly thank you cards after Shelby's baby shower... And then after 6 months I was reunited with my daughter to be...... And what is the first thing I notice? A butterfly on her hat. What are the odds?? I relate the story to Nicole who has captured that moment on video.... And we both are "trippin" We carried "trippin over through our whole time we were in Kyrgyzstan. This has come to mean something HUGE for Nicole and I. Things we still are trying to figure out and things we know we just have to do. I am most certain you will all see this Butterfly creep up in the future as we take our experiences and expand them to hopefully great heights.

Shelby was quite excited to see us and very talkative...


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to see where this "journey" leads!

  2. Love the picture of the hands...*wink*...