Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A long awaited story

This Post pretty much tells it all. Nicole and I spent a few days together just oohing and ahhing over our kids. We love them immensely and miss them greatly I might add. But we know we will be led back to Bishkek sometime soon. During lunch one day I told Nicole my story of why we would be meeting with Sergey and Anya to have dinner with Aygola, her children, Acel, Talant and their children, and Sergey and Anya. Nicole shared with me that she had run out of time prior to her departure, but had wanted to email or call John before she left for Bishkek and she could not believe that we were invited to spend a day with people who are part of John's work. So on December 5th after a few emails and phone calls we were met by Sergey and Anya and we went off to spend our afternoon that had and still has our heads spinning with the forces at work here in Bishkek and the circumstances that have brought us all together. This is our photo journey. I hope to be able to add more of Nicole's video footage in later posts. So without further ado, two strangers from two different coasts of America have now joined together in what we hope will not only be a friendship but something that will be able to bring resources to many people of Kyrgyzstan. This is our story.........

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  1. HI Anne and Nicole,
    Thanks for inviting me to view your blogs. Anne, I am Nicole's friend and neighbor. I feel I have met you personally through Nicole's stories of your journey together. I am so blessed to see how God is using you both in ministering to the orphans in Kyrgyzstan. Truly, you have been a blessing to those children. Keep up the good work! Thank you for all you do...