Friday, February 6, 2009

A bit of specifics

I promised in my last post I would add a post to be a bit more specific about our activities of the weekend. Nicole and I had obviously been led to join John, Julie, David, Jayne, Ruby and Lynn for a reason and purpose. We had our ideas going into the weekend, but never dreamed how BIG that reason for being there is/was. Talking for hours on Friday we tried to understand what our purpose could be. Friday night was for listening and for meeting and introductions. By the end of Friday night we knew we had only touched on the questions we needed to ask. And we were still in seeking mode.

Saturday afternoon really was nothing short of miraculous. Such wonderful people, all with different stories of why they were under one roof for one purpose; HOPE. Hope for an unknown future, but hope to provide hope to so many people. It takes Hope to provide Hope. And the day full of wonderful conversations did just that; provide hope that projects will be continually supported.

One thing we sought ought was the answer to a question posed by Tim Marquis ( who we will meet more in one of our next posts!!! AAHHH the suspense) Tim asked... Now What? What can we do? Where do we go from here? Armed with those questions and many more of our own were given the opportunity to have a wonderful conversation that started small with just Nicole and Ruby.... And by the end was a full scale meeting with all the lead people in attendance. I have to be honest this is where I sit and listen carefully and let those who are business savy work their magic. Ruby explained to us the work that she and Lynn do with LAmb International. The Systems, developing education, enacting processes that once taught and placed into existance will be the strength of the orphanages, invalid homes and any other organization who desires to learn how to serve the people within the best of its own capabilities. Possibility International and the work of the Wright's is the Soup of the matter. John and his team are the action in the here and now. They provide the concrete, physical hands on work. Changing lives one at a time. They are on the front lines. They have done everything from providing an ear to listen to the needs to digging water lines to transforming homes for individuals as well as groups. The summary of which is they provide HOPE on a daily and one on one level.

So how do they work together? They are interrelated but also seperate. They meet in the middle to help when needed. They work shoulder to shoulder while providing a totally different arm of support. They are both seperate however they have come to find that they both need the support of each other.

So cutting to the chase.... What is missing? Where do we fit in? What now? What can WE do to help? The answer to that question really came as a MAGICAL moment. At this moment in time six people sitting in one small discovered that the missing piece of the puzzle and the WHAT is funding the HOPE. In a perfect world the people on the ground in Kyrgyzstan could spend all their time providing HOPE, but HOPE always comes with a fee attached. So after all the cash is depleted the teams must come back to the United States and regroup, re-fund their work. When Nicole presented to the room what our desires are. There was not a dry eye. Can I start by saying I knew what was coming and I think so did Julie. In a moment in time there was not a dry eye in the room. When we discovered that the What was something WE wanted from the very start truly we were held in a Moment of Magic. I feel like I can't even begin to express what this moment felt like.

Now we know the WHAT and now WE are challenged to help. WE know this will not come easy, but WE now have our own HOPE. To be the source of support that we can provide. There are so many people WE know that want to help. But in this time of our lives we can not be the person spooning out the Soup or the Soap that is cleansing wounds (emotional and physical). But we can provide Support.

Now I am not saying open up those purses and send out cash... We each have our own strong qualities in life. Qualities that working together for the common goal we can raise the support! WE can start by raising awareness of the work that has been done and the work that needs to be done.

John's most memorable quote is everyone can be a philanthropist. And that is where WE can help. A Philanthropist raises awareness of the inclination to provide and increase the well being of others. Thats where WE starts. And Where do WE go from here? Only time will tell!!!

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