Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Trip Questions

I don't know if you have seen this video of Sam Welten, the executive director of Possibilities International, over on the PI web site. I thought that it was worth rebroadcasting here....

Sam does an incredible job at answering many of the questions that we are asked daily.... I can even think of a few more. Sam touches on an interesting point.... Often those who ask the questions are not the ones that DO or GO or even support.... As in the question of "Are we not better to just send money ...not people ?" This is a point that I speak on as often as I have opportunity..... Throwing money at a problem is NOT an Answer... it will simply turn into a big pit to through more money.... We need to through people ... By throwing people, we are able to bring that HOPE and Dignity that we so often talk about.... In this Video, Sam is talking about one very small, but incredibly powerful part of what PI does. and un like me, he is able to hold it together and not start crying... or at least not on camera... ... If you are on Dial up, it is worth finding a high speed connection and watching...

Like ourselves, if you ever have the opportunity to take an orphan shopping , or just spend some individual one on one time with them, you will be forever changed... Your life will have a new meaning and a new outlook. That's what happened to Hanna, that is what happens to our mystery traveler, and that is what is going to happen to some of you when you travel with us through this blog over the next couple of months.... I will tell you what I am going to do... I will select one of the kids, we will introduce them have them tell you a little about there story, then we will keep the camera rolling when we go shopping with them, and spend the day pouring into their lives..... am not a documentation or anything, but I know you are going to be moved.

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