Monday, February 2, 2009

A weekend of HOPE

The Wright Stuff in Ohio

To share in one post here would probably just be way too much information. So as to not overwhelm anyone I think I will split the weekend up.

Thursday started out with a bit of a hitch but not too bad. Unfortunately Nicole's first plane was a bit late and after a sprint from one gate to the next she ended up missing the flight. Bummer.. But all was good as she hopped onto a red eye flight. After a brief stay in Charlotte Nicole finally landed in Columbus Ohio on Friday morning. A quick east-west coast reunion and we were headed off to Cincinnatti. Nicole, a bit on the sleepy side was in awe of our snow on the east coast. I have to admit she came in on a great day as all the snow was brand new and south central Ohio was beautifully decorated in ice and snow. A real winter wonderland! We spent some time being tourists as I accidentally plugged in the wrong address and we ended up at the location of the Friday night event instead of our hotel. But this gave us a wonderful opportunity to take some really cool snow photos.

Finally at the hotel Nicole opted for a nap. I went off for a luncheon at Jayne and David Schooler's house. And the beginning of meeting just absolutely wonderful people. When I walked in Hilary, Tim and Anara Marquis were already there. No introductions needed. I said " I feel like I already know you guys!!!" Then the moment we were waiting for! The Wright family arrival.

Anara kicks up her feet and relaxes with Dave Schooler

Anara tries to decide which one tastes best...

Julie Wright and Anara
Bekkah and Anara

I have been corresponding with John through email only since May of last year. This was our first opportunity to meet. What a great family. I was able to thank both John and Julie personally for all that they do and most for the planning of the dinner party. Which they were finally able to see photos and videos of. On Saturday we all watched videos and swapped pictures. The Schooler's living room became a huge internet cafe.

On Friday night we all met for the first of two events highlighting the work of The Schooler's and The Wright's. Topped off with dinner at Steak and Shake.
Saturday was a huge exciting day.... We were again invited back to the Schooler's for a luncheon. This time there were about 40 guests. There were three adoptive kids from Kyrgyzstan, (Anara, Andrew and Matthew) and a toddler whose mom is from central Asia. Also among us were Lynn and Ruby Johnston the founders of Lamb International. And Richard and Jane Taylor who have spent 22 years doing work in East Africa.

Hilary, Anara and Andrew
Anara and Yasmine

Anara, Matthew, Andrew and Yasmine

Andrew and his Sisters
Kim, Matthew, and Hilary

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