Thursday, March 26, 2009

Silence is GOLDEN

Wow, I am looking at what the last post was here. February 25th. But that is not at all to say that WE have not been busy. There are so many off blog happenings going on. WE are watching the team in Kyrgyzstan on the ground. So many good things are happening.

About a week ago Nicole and I were talking about where we are trying to take this project. What road are WE being led on and why. This is what we came up with. The reason we are brought together and what are our plans.

We started off this journey to Kyrgyzstan to adopt a child, to build a family. But along the way we have been led into the lives of more then just one child who we will eventually call our own. When our children come into our families our families will take on not just a child but a culture, a heritage. Our families will be of Kyrgyz background forevermore. And that is where we strive to do whatever we can to preserve the heritage, the culture, the land, the people of Kyrgyzstan. Not only will the sights be memories but the land becomes part of us and we are led to provide for a country who will have given our family a child.

So what does that all mean? WE want to not only bring our children home, but we want to make sure that the men, women, and children who are among the most hopeless in Kyrgyzstan can live to see hope restored. To help with a foster care system. To provide guidance for workers who care for anyone who can not or does not have the means to care for him or herself. And to show a country we are in this not just for the moment, but for as long as we are welcomed into their lives.

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