Saturday, April 25, 2009

Catching Up.................................

Ok so I a not doing so good at keeping this updated. But I must write something before I lose track. As it is we do so much in one day, we look back and the next day we feel like what we did yesterday happened 5 days ago. So in continuation of my last story..... From our Chai party we headed out to the new senior home. In a totally unremodeled post WWII building there lives a family who has started probably the first senior center in Bishkek. Babushkas and Dedushkas come into this building from various backgrounds. The building is as structurally sound as they come. The teams here are working hard at getting necessary supplies to them. They are updating as much as possible and trying to make it homier. They are doing a great job. The senior home will have another post later.

Then off to see Big Mean Dog---- Boy. Oh and his family. Aygola and the kids. I am trying feverishly to catch their names correctly. There is Alpeiry (who by the way is celebrating her birthday today Sunday) Turat, Beksultan, Azalla, and Sebierra. ( correct me if I have that wrong!) We suprised the family when we showed up. The kids nor Aygola knew we were coming. And they certainly did not know we were coming. We were outside petty Julie(the donkey) when one of the girls came running!!! Her eyes were as big as saucers when she realized who had come to see them. I so wish we could have caught that on a photo. But even with all the paparazzi around there was no one with a camera to see her face, and my camera was strung around my neck awaiting the hug that was sure to follow the saucer plate eyes!!! One by one the kids realized we were here. One of the girls from last time asked me why we were back in Kyrgyzstan and how long we were staying. My reply... to spend more time with the people we only had a few hours to share time, stories love and break bread with. She was simply amazed.
An impromptu supper was set up and we found ourselves back in the living room where several months ago we had some Beshbarmak. tonights dinner was routisserie chicken, kyrgyz salad and Kyrgyz bread. Oh and don't forget the desserts!!!

Then back on the road and off to home for some much needed sleep. Because tomorrow is another week!

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  1. Sounds like you've been busy! (and loving it no doubt) Love the pictures. Give all my friends over there my love. And hug your "other half" for me as well. We are praying all the time for you and for the doors that could be opened through your service.