Monday, April 27, 2009

Fred's Day out.....

Ok I know you guys are trying to figure out who I am talking about. Some of you will already recognise Fred from our brother blogs. Fred is well traveled. He has been all over the world and back. I believe his original residence is Canada. He is extremely happy to have been sprung from the zoo/gift shop from where he came. So without further ado allow me to introduce our guest writer today..... Fred.

Spaceba everyone. I have finally been sprung and had a wonderful day climbing mountains of the Kara Balta Pass. (Kara Balta pass is about an hour ride from Bishkek connecting the valley with Osh.)

The Squazniak was a bit more then I could handle at times. I got blown off some old electric line while trying to get this photo completed..... Man good thing I am made of stuffin or that bump on the rump may have hurt.

Then we were all delighted to find Kyrgyz waterfalls along the pass. So my attendent decided she have a bit of fun and take me rock climbing. I was a bit scared as She set me along this rock. The water was definitely colder then I would have liked, and one wrong move would have sent me swimming and hurtling down the mountain.

Before moving along from here we stopped at the traditional Kyrgyz prayer tree. Here we found many ribbons tied. I hope that all the previous visitors to this tree have found their peace.

As we moved along the weather started to change. Soon we were seeing a trace of snow. Then rounding a corner we faced a snowstorm, but we plunged on determined to get to the top. Nearing the top we stopped for an impromptu snowball fight. Wow... we had a blast.

At the top of the mountain we all got out stretched our legs and had more fun in the snow. Snow angels and footprints in the snow.......

And now after a long day I leave you all.... Hopefully it will not be quite as long between this and my next post...... Signing off from the mountains of Osh...


Oh well I guess you all are wondering what squazniak is? In Kyrgyz Squazniak is the wind or a draft which is feared and said to cause an assortment of ailments.

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  1. Fred - looks like a fabulous day! Take care of your attendant :-) She's a gem!