Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A haircut and some Chai

We headed back to the bazaar again today to finish up shopping for the Barbershop renovation. Combs, brushes, a hot pot, razors, mirrors. We had stopped first at a small furniture store for chairs and a vanity style table. Oh and don't forget the supplies for Big Mean Dog! All loaded up we took off for the invalid home. The men were so excited to see our cars pulling in. And equally excited about the furniture being unloaded and brought in. Before entering WE had a ribbon cutting ceremony. We and everyone else could not contain the excitement and there really was jumping for joy happening here.

The room is freshly painted. Small and cozy for a barber shop. But yet in a short time the room was completely full. Workers bringing in the supplies, photographers journalling every step, and at any given time at least 20 men watching in anticipation. Not exactly sure how they decided on the first customer, but in no time flat the barber chair was occupied and the first customers shave was begun. The light and joy and gratitude from all of these men was simply amazing. I know I said this before but words just can't express the joy that these men have knowing that people care.

So off from there we spent an amazing time in a small extremely poor community. A community that seems to be untouched by time. But full of amazing love of one another. The children were ecstatic to receive beanie babies as gifts. A table was set and we all sat around to enjoy a Kyrgyz tea hour. So many traditional foods and drinks. (I'll have to do a bit of research to know the names of everything) While there a small girl came in. She asked us to come to her house because today was her birthday! I believe she was turning five. So after tea hour at one house we went off to the second for Chai at the second. Pastries were the hit at this party.

Well ... I have to run as my ride will be here shortly. I will post more as I can.

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  1. Just wanted to let you know that I am checking in every day. What you guys are doing is absolutely wonderful!!!