Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hit the ground running..

I think we have heard that before somewhere. There is no such thing as settling or relaxing here. Only a constant knowledge that there are so many people whose lives that have been touched here, and how much work there is to be done. This morning I was met at the airport by many friends new and old. At 5am and with many hugs and smiles my baggage was claimed and safely placed into the waiting vans.

Quickly we stopped to empty the van of the 200 plus pounds of "stuff". What kind of stuff? A little of this and a little of that.. I am sure our "stuff" will be the subject of upcoming posts. Maybe not chronilogically. But WE will try our best to keep up to date.

Then.............off to the Bazaar. This is a photographers dream come true. The sights are vibrant and alive with colors at the bazaar. Turn one way and there are brilliant bright blues and reds, turn another and watch the tents swaying in the breeze. Everywhere are people haggling for the best price, and people wanting to help carry your treasures (for a price that is as this is their trade). I think most heightened though were the scents. The bakery, the fruits (pineapples, bananas, apples) But One that was simply amazing to me was the spices. This seemed to evoke all the senses. And made fore some good photos too. This was a swift trip but productive. Bananas and apples by the kilogram (37 pounds of bananas, 20 pounds of apples) All very much appreciated when given to their recipients.

Lunch was a bit of an adventure. Chinese food in Kyrgyzstan, the menu written in Russian, with a Kyrgyz translator.. A bit hilarious when placing an order. I think (notice I use that term loosely) I think we had several different Beef platters, a few chicken platters and one mutton platter delivered. Of which we shared family style over some rice (reese in Russian).

Then off to of all things a concert! Put on by friends we met on our first trip back in December. Vladik (my super cutey .. I could not stop hugging him and he is just always all smiles) was in the concert put on by the school children. Traditional Kyrgyz dancing, a reading of the traditional Kyrgyz poem Manas. What better way to see and experience the heritage of Kyrgyzstan.

Then about two hours to collect thoughts and kind of decompress and off for dinner with friends. Lagman~~~ One of my favorite Kyrgyz dishes. I am simply going to have to learn how to cook this dish.

Ooof and now I am frantically trying to get some photos to you all before I pass out for 6 hours and get up and start the next round.

Wow just isn't enough... and neither are words. so the pictures may do Kyrgyzstan a bit of justice.


  1. Hmm...was it the Peking Duck? Try the Beruit Cafe it was fabulous! I suppose I can wait for the pictures, hrrumpf. *wink* Keep the stories coming and we'll keep the prayers coming.

  2. So glad you made it there safely and uneventfully! Praying for you!

  3. Wow, what an awesomely wonderful trip to be on. Whenever our daughter has questions about her country, I am going to tell her to call you all! A fabulous trip and can't wait to read more!!!