Saturday, April 18, 2009

Let the Sun Shine in

The Tulips are in bloom.. They add such a ray of hope.

Symbolism is everywhere!

Yesterday the Barber Shop renovations began!! I know that Tulip worked very hard and WeR2 is very proud to be part oof this project. The news from Iskra always seems so bleek and dark. The men come here and most never leave. They are the invalid men of their country. However a ray of sunshine seems to have fallen on them the last few days. Visits and photos with Tulip, "swimming" with David and Lynn, and soon a completely renovated Barber shop.

Meanwhile in other places around these small villages children are being visited every day. Children who will be hugged on and for just one moment will know they are special. Not very many photos to share. Hopefully next week, internet will Photos will be posted!! And new stories every day!!!


  1. Love the butterfly room! And I love the way God continues to show you His faithfulness and presence through these symbols of peace and hope!

  2. I love a tulip in bloom, It is a sight to behold!
    Lisa B