Monday, May 4, 2009

A Day Out

April 25


Ok so I have never seen the performance of OKLAHOMA. But today 7000 miles from home I have finally been given the opportunity. The asian twist made me chuckle. The play was in English so that did help. This was a treat for many people and children this day. Our party consisted of the farm five, Sergey Anya and their children, Altinay and a few friends from the school she attends, Asylbeck and Accel and her two girls. We certainly filled our van. I wish I could have been the first person out of the van and videoed everyone getting out. Although the next day we had twice as many people in the same van! Arriving early we were given the opportunity to have an impromptu photo shoot in the park. The children all enjoyed posing for some pretty awesome shots! A Kyrgyz tradition is to have photos taken with the statues on a couples wedding day. But it seems from this day that tradition is not only for the couple getting married. The best part of this day was seeing children who have had to grow up very quickly get a chance to be children.

Later in the evening the farm five spent the night aw ay from the farm. A night to hang out, play games and just again be children if only for a night. Four two hours I sat on the floor entertaining these kids with just a deck of cards, a chess game, and my camera. The cards started as a source to amaze me with feats of magic performed by Becksulton. I figured out a few of his tricks. One his mom was an accomplice to. Oy did she laugh when I figured it out. We then progressed to a game of card house building. No one got too far before the squazniak (breeze blown by one of the children or Asyl) knocked them to the ground.

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  1. I hope the carpet's clean :P lol. It's was hard to sweep that one.
    love Julie
    It looks like you had fun.... without me. -Bekah-