Monday, May 4, 2009

A Donkey Cart and A line in the water

April 26

After a morning of dual culture fellowship we were off to take the farm five back to the farm. Once there we were treated to donkey cart rides and a night of fishing. I do not think there was any actual fishing taking place. There was a line in the water, but no bites .The night did provide us with time to spend with the children in their environment. Hanging out having fun, and enjoying the Kyrgyz countryside. The 8 children along on this trip have truly and unequivocally found a special place in my heart. Spending several days with them and traveling so far to see them they truly are now family to us.


  1. We wish we were there. Awesome pictures! thank you for loving our family. keep on posting the pictures :)
    love Bekah, Julie, and Emma

  2. What beautiful pictures! I love hearing the stories!