Monday, May 4, 2009

Kara Balta Pass

April 27

Pictures best describe the beauty of this day. I sure would never be able to write about the true beauty of the Kara Balta mountain pass. This pass connects the Chuie valley with Osh. Approaching the pass we were stopped by the Police (everyone was). Not everyone was allowed to take this pass. I am not sure if they were more worried about Avalanches and snow conditions or the fact that this pass can be used for less then legal activities. Whatever the case, Sergey told the authorities that he was driving American's here doing a documentary about Kyrgyzstan. And WALLA we were on our way. Go Sergey!

At the base of the mountain we had wonderful 60 degree weather. Approaching the top we started experiencing some snow showers. Then all out snowy conditions. This made for some great snowball fights, and snow angels. The way up and down provided many photo opportunities. Waterfalls, wishing trees, snowcapped mountains and then we were IN the snowcap itself.

Our models for the day had a blast. Asylbeck and Artur certainly enjoyed the attention. And for a moment Asylbeck was a kid himself again. Sit back, relax, enjoy the photos and videos from the day.

Don't believe the sign! The curve ahead was much more then a slight angulated curve. More like switchbacks at some points winding up the mountain.

The stream was ice cold, fed by the spring melting snow. Cold or not though the stream provided beautiful photos in many locations.

The photos just don't do this justice.

A bit overcast winding our way to midrange of the mountain

The boys tried some rock climbing. Artur went a bit too high before Being brought back down almost sliding.

Feeling on top of the world!

I am a waterfall fanatic and could have spent all day photographing this one! You'll note the familiarity of this waterfall from Fred's past post!

While photographing the waterfall I here my name echoed through the canyon!!!! I had a hard time spotting where the voice came from. From way atop the rocks Asylbeck had climbed and was waiting for his photo to be taken.

The horses use this Pass too. We passed this group on the way up, and on the way down the mountain.

Kyrgyz Cowboys at work!

Before the switchbacks, getting a bit misty

Yes we drove through that bridge!

Misty turns to snowy

snow turns to fun!

The top of the mountain! This tunnel connected the pass to Osh. We decided we would have to explore further another day.

The top of the mountain and above the clouds. Blue skies and sun!

And FUN!!!

Heading back down

Back in Tokmok we stopped for radishes LOL or are these turnips? Not sure I don't eat either. But they made for a nice photo.

Then at the end of the night..... Beshbarmak!!! Made by our favorite Beshbarmak chef, translater, and just all around friend Accel... Then we went SHOPPPPPPING in her bedroom... For felt critters and Kyrgz crafts. Beats the hustle and bustle of the market. I will post our finds on a separate post. ( I am afraid to add any more photos to this one as I havae had manuga troubles with loading and disappearing photos)

Our day was perfect. Perfect timing, perfect weather, and friendship!!!

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  1. What a fabulous day! Thanks for sharing the beautfiul photos!