Monday, May 25, 2009

Meet Aidar

This is not exactly the order I wanted to post in. But I have to relay this story as I have just received exciting information and need to act on it. The little boy above is Aidar. We were unable to take photos at the orphanage where Aidar lives. (He lives in the same orphanage that a famous person visited some time ago and caused quite a stir so cameras cause skeptisism.) We were one of the first and among very few allowed to visit this facility. Here there are many many sad stories to be told. Some of the children in this place never get out of bed. They are like little birds in their nests. One little man though screams out to me for help. (no he did not actually scream for help verbally) Aidar greeted us at the door to his building. He grabbed my hand and never let go. He lead me through the hallway and to his playroom. My first indication that something was seriously wrong was the temperature of his hand. His fingers were ice cold. When looking at his fingers they were blue! And his fingers are clubbed. Which means he has a cardiac defect and his extremities are not being oxygenated. He has been living with poor oxygen delivery for probably his whole life, but the color of his lips and his fingers concerned me that eventually he will succomb to his defect if not treated. Aidar is about 5 years old. I will know his exact age in the next few weeks.
So from the time we returned from our trip I have been asking those who have access to help get Aidar's heart evaluated. Two days ago I received initial word! Aidar will have a cardiac Echo Monday morning. He will then be evaluated by the cardiologist in the capitol city. His reports will also be translated and brought to the US to find out exactly what his defect is and if it can be corrected surgically. From here I put out a call for help. I am looking for ideas to pull off a fundraiser for Aidar. Send us ideas in the comment section!!! I will update on Aidar as often as I get information. I will most likely get new photos soon! This photo is from before he was moved out of the baby house.

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